Traversing the Backlog

For this release, I traversed the backlog of Webmaker and added validation for a “counter block” editor. I investigated and marked reported issues such as this one have been resolved. As with most moderate sized open source development there are a large number of issues which are resolved through unrelated updates, or are fixed by other contributors who were not aware there was an open issue on Github regarding the issue. Sometimes it’s hard to put words to a specific issue, and because of that, it’s difficult to find it among the large list of issues for the project. Sometimes, the back log needs some work to clear out solved issues.

If you’re attempting to get into open source development, confirming issues do in fact exist is a very valuable contribution. Whether it’s a visual issue or an issue that only appears on certain devices there is a lot of value to validating the backlog.

As mentioned, I also added validation to the counter block’s editor. When the user is typing in a min that is larger than the max, both fields will show an error underneath the field. This is using Vue’s v-if functions which validate the “truthiness” of a statement and will create the error div as the user is typing. You can check out the pull request here.

For the next release, I will be focusing on Facebook’s React framework rather than Vue. While Vue is a great library for presentation and synchronous features, it has an API that leaves much to be desired. Further, React has a great deal more traction in today’s front-end development world. I will be starting by browsing Github’s trending section to find a suitable project to contribute to. I investigated into contributing to React directly but at this time, all the bugs labelled as beginner bugs are already assigned and in the works. Therefore, to beginning with projects that utilize react is the most logical start.