Mozilla’s Webmaker App – Building the Map Brick

I have proposed and assigned myself the task of developing a map brick for Mozilla’s Webmaker App project. I proposed the idea in this issue on the Github page.

I intend to use Google Map’s API in order to serve the maps to the web site creator. The user will be able to select a location on the map to give the location as well as include an address. The personas for this application are varied: a business giving the location of the store, a group giving a meeting location, an adventurer providing a geocaching co-ordinate, a host giving attendees of their party their house address, and more.

The published view will give a map with a marker on the location indicated by the editor. On the editor side, there will be a map in order to let the editor select a location for the marker(center of the map will be put into the attributes long and lat of the map brick). Further, a string will be available to set the readable address for the location.

For potential barriers, an agreement will need to be made with Google in order to provide this API service to a more scalable audience. Further, the map may need to be cached in order to provide a lower load on the mobile devices being used.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or want to get involved for the development of this issue, please comment on the issue page on Github.