Leaflet.js Woes

In continuation with my last post, I been developing the Map Brick for Mobile Webmaker. In order to allow many different types of Maps to be used, I have begun integrating Mobile Webmaker with Leaflet.js which is a javascript library that allows for easy, interactive, mobile friendly maps. There is a Node Package Manager installation which I have used but there exists little documentation on it’s usage.

Integrating the existing Mobile Webmaker with Leaflet has been challenging. Getting the map to display properly is clearly a lack of proper implementation of the Leaflet CSS and JS so I’m working on find out how to properly implement it.

Currently I am using OpenStreetMaps and getting a very fun result (Firefox Nightly Build).

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.00.04 PM

I will update with progress once the maps are properly displaying to show you the amazing maps that Leaflet.js in combination with a map API produces. You can follow my progress on implementing Leaflet here.