Fixing Issue #308 on Mobile Webmaker

Another bug I am working on is issue #308 for Mobile Webmaker. This issue is to add functionality to the sign-up form so users can see before they submit if a username is taken. In order to detect changed content, I’ve used v-on=”changed: ” directive within the HTML element. Once focus is taken away from the element and a change has been made to the content of the input, a method is triggered to check the authorization server via POST.

Alternatively, this functionality can be easily changed to check upon each key pressed, but may put a larger load than necessary on the device and authentication server to process the many POST requests.

Ultimately, the server responds with if the name is taken or not. Implementation for how this response will be displayed is still to be determined.

To see the code, you can view the branch here¬†and learn about the webmaker authentication client here.¬†Additionally information on Vue directives, which drive Mobile Webmaker’s visuals, can be read here.